Chemtrails: What are they spraying?

Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, not at all. All I have to say is, it’s time that I write about a subject that was brought to my attention eight years ago. When the subject of chemtrails came up, I just shrugged it off and let it go. I did not think much about it. I, of course, did from time to time see these long trails coming out of aircraft that were at a great height. They were at an altitude that was greater than any commercial aircraft I had seen flying over. Still, at the time it did not matter to me. Today it’s a different story. Something is taking place and I do not believe it’s a good thing.

To start I need to go back a bit. Remember when, as children, we saw the first jet aircraft going over? It was unbelievable to say the least. It was a great sight for a child. Then the sonic boom would come from the aircraft breaking the sound barrier. I can still remember the trails of white smoke coming out, or that was what I thought it was. As it turned out, it was water vapor. These vapor trails are called contrails, that being condensation from the aircraft. Those trails lasted for but seconds as the aircraft flew over. Those trails were about a 1,000 feet long or so. My point: they did not last that long at all.

Now today things have changed. When these military aircraft come over, the trails go from horizon to horizon. One February two years ago I finally saw one of the aircraft itself. Until that day, all I had ever seen was the chemtrails and nothing more. As I sat there — and I sat there for several hours — watching what turned out to be very unnatural, I watched as these chemtrails dropped lower. As they dropped they got wider. It was at that time that these clouds, for that is what they looked like at that point, started doing funny things. Things that normal clouds do not do. They started rolling over and twisting on to themselves. I also did take notice that the entire county had been checker boarded in this pattern. In time, what started out as a blue cloudless sky was no more. The whole county had a cloud over it.

It was on that day that I did start paying more attention to these chemtrails. The government, in the beginning, stated that they had nothing to do with it. But now they have changed their story and have admitted to the spraying. One point to bring out: They say it’s nothing to be concerned about. You keep on believing that. I have no trust in our government to ever tell us the truth about anything. I know firsthand just how rotten our government can be and has been in the past. We cannot trust them. To the government we are nothing but a number to be used and abused. It happens everyday and it is taking place right now as I put these words to print. Don’t believe one of these written words, go outside on a cloudless day and find out for yourself. It will be right there for you to see firsthand. Then research it and find out. I am not going to tell you that it takes place everyday; still, just look. You will see regular aircraft going over and you can compare the trails.

I can’t tell you what our government is truly doing but I can say I do not believe it is for the benefit of our people. I can tell you what I have found out. Because of the persistence of the conspiracy theory and questions about government involvement, scientists and government agencies around the world have told their citizens that the chemtrails are in fact contrails.

B.S. If that were the truth then why the patterns? Our airlines are not the ones that are doing this. It is our military.

It depends on who you talk to and if they work for the government as to what you are told. So-called experts on atmospheric phenomena within the government will tell you chemtrails do not exist. They will tell you that the contrails are being affected by different things such as wind shear of vertical and horizontal directions. Also, they are affected by temperature, sunlight and humidity.

NASA, the EPA and the FAA have stated that the checker-board look of the chemtrails is because of the patterns within the flight lanes of the commercial aircraft. The U.S. Air Force stated in a fact sheet that this has been going on from 1953 until the present day. This is another damn lie. I, just like most of you, have been looking at the sky all of my life and never in the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s did I see the sky look like this. The Air Force has also stated that from the ground you can not really tell what you are looking at. I guess I have to agree with them on that point, but only if you are totally blind and live in a cave.

Do these people really think we are that stupid? The Air Force rebutted chemtrail theories more directly and said that the theories are nothing but a hoax and they have disproved the existence of chemtrails. They also stated that the chemtrails are nothing more than ice crystals. I can see this, maybe, on a winter day but not in July at a height of 500 feet. All this was stated in their fact sheet. The spraying seems to be more constant and the heaviest over the United States and western Europe. In Asia, Japan and Korea are being sprayed. The only country in the area that is not being sprayed at all is China. If you lean toward the conspiracy theory side, then you should not be shocked with the rest of my column. What this spraying is know as is: the genocide spraying operation.

There have been many independent tests done over the past five years and it does not look good. It has been confirmed that all around our country a cocktail of dangerous and extremely poisonous chemicals are being dispersed. This includes barium, cadmium, nickel, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, and the best — radioactive thorium. This is not the total list. The one chemical that is being sprayed the most is aluminum. It can cause all sorts of health problems. The chemical primarily attacks the central nervous system and can cause everything from disturbed sleep, nervousness, memory loss, headaches and emotional instability.

With that said, have you yourself not noticed how people have changed in recent years? We see every day more and more people dying at a very young age. Look at the mental state of people. Look at all the different drugs that we are using just to maintain our minds. One thing to add is this: Water samples on top of Mount Shasta, California have aluminum levels that are high enough to kill small rodents. The levels are off the chart with the highest being at 4,800 times the maximum contaminate level for drinking water. In a recent snow sample, the level was 100 times the level for aluminum in snow.

Those who work in the field of geoengineering will tell you that the goal is to reduce global warming. Just another lie that we have been told. They got caught. For years, the government denied the idea of chemtrails and geoengineering. When people started to figure out what was going on, then they owned up to it. As the world’s people observe more strange trails in the sky, we begin to ask more questions that the government can’t answer. As we ask more questions, the world governments push justification through the mainstream media and their scientific studies.

There is one question in my mind. Why are we being sprayed?

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist