The Richmond County Daily Journal website has many products to help get your advertising message out to our community through a variety of broad-reaching programs such as advertising on our website, email blasts, walk-out videos (shot in our green room), mobile apps, and custom-designed websites for your business.  We are always looking at ways to harnessnew technologies to help you find new ways to reach your customers.

The Daily Journal print publication reaches more than 6,800 households in our county five days a week, bringing up-to-date news, weather and sports information.

Special sections include two glossy Bridal Magazines per year, two Home Guides, four Healthy Living Sections plus a glossy Medical Guide and many other targeted advertising opportunities.  We have several contests such as Cutest Pet, Golden Egg, Golden Seashell and Golden Football where our readers can win cash.  Ad rates are reasonable and
you can even offer information via front-page advertising.

Most of our special sections and contests are in print and online, which enables you to
reach thousands of customers.

Your promotional flier can be inserted into our paper any Tuesday through Saturday.
Wednesdays are our grocery insert days and our Saturday Weekender edition contains national and local inserts such as Walgreens, CVS and Wal-Mart.  Insert rates begin at $50 per thousand and can be zoned for $5 more per thousand to ensure you reach your targeted market.

For more information on placing advertising,  please contact:

Sharon Jimenez
General Manager
910-817-2669 | sjimenez@yourdailyjournal.com

Savanna Pettet
Advertising sales representative
910-817-2668 | spettet@yourdailyjournal.com