No one should be above the law

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

I do not feel like I am any better than anyone else. I also feel that no one is any better than me. You treat people the way that you want to be treated. That’s just the way that it should be — but it’s not.

Justice for all? Again, that’s the way that it should be. But it’s not. It seems that your name, what you do and who you are plays a big part in what our legal system doles out as punishment to you as compared to others.

By the way, it helps to have deep pockets and the ability to buy your way or threaten your way out of going to jail.

Is this the right way for justice to work? Not no, but Hell no. You, along with myself, are held to a higher degree of responsibility than are the elite of America. The powerful people of this nation hold all of the cards. It’s just that way and has been that way for as long as we have been a nation, and even before that. This is just wrong. The laws for one should be the laws for all. Nothing more and nothing less. Money and power do not make one man or woman any better than you or me. But in some cases, in the minds of the powerful elite, it does.

The ones that I make reference to at the moment are the ones who run our government or have done so in the past. The ones whom you and I put into power with our votes — or, in some cases, were appointed by those we voted into office. With some of these appointments, the will of the people meant nothing to the politicians who saw fit to make these appointments.

There is a change on the horizon. That change is all because the people are sick and tired of being looked upon as second-class citizens who do not have the ability to make up their own minds. Our mind is made up and it did not take the election of President Trump to trigger us. It is the simple fact that we can see for ourselves the route we have been taking under several past administrations. We did not like where we were going as a nation of free-thinking men and women. That direction is changing more and more every day. It’s a slow turn but, nonetheless, it is a direction of change brought on by the people. Each and every one of us has a say in where we want to go as a nation. Be damned those who think they can side step the laws of our America because they have money and power.

We live in a country that will tell you: You are innocent until proven guilty. Right? Don’t count on it. You are guilty until you can prove your innocence. But not in all cases. Our former FBI director, James Comey, decided in all of his self-proclaimed wisdom — months before it even came to light — that “Queen Hillary“ was to be exonerated of any and all crimes that she might have been involved in. This all before the crimes were even brought out to face the sunlight of day — hidden in the dark from the people by members of our government who claim they work for the people.

In mid-2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed by members of the FBI. Comey did not do the interview himself, this was done by others of his staff. I guess because he had already, in his mind, decided she had done nothing wrong, he did not need to be there. It is also known that Comey did not even take the time to talk to all of those who were involved in the interview. In his mind, this was a thorough investigation on his part. I hope he, in the future, runs for office because he will fit right in with the rest of Washington.

Comey told the whole country that the interview was not recorded and Clinton was not under oath. Everything you and I say is recorded. Why not this interview? This interview was nothing more than a joke and a slap to the face of the American people. Again, if this had taken place with you or me, there would have been transcripts of the whole interview. Every last word would have been documented for further review in the hope of catching us in a lie; every sentence would have been torn apart, put back together and torn apart again and again. But, to be fair to Comey, he did tell America that it would have been a crime to lie to the FBI. “Check’s in the mail.” In a line of lies to the American people, do you really think that Hillary gave a damn about any lie she would have told the FBI ?

On and on, the Clintons have lived in the Land of Lies for years. It’s just their way of doing business. Take the time to look up the details yourself. The information is there. Decide for yourself. The Left will tell you: It’s just a conspiracy to bring down the Clintons.

In 2015, it was known that Hillary had used her family’s private email server for official communications rather than the official secure federal servers of the State Department. Those official communications were packed with 100 emails that were classified at the time they were sent. This did not count more than 2,500 emails that were not marked but, in time, would be ranked as classified. This all came to light in 2016 during her run for the office of the president.

During Comey’s so-called investigation, he stated that on Hillary’s server there were 65 emails that were classified as “Secret” and others that were deemed as “Top Secret.” In some cases, other email was not marked. Comey also stated that if they were not marked, they should have been treated as they were classified. Hillary broke the law and received no more than a slap on the wrist.

The laws that Hillary broke would have put you and me under the jail. Now that brings us to how the laws of the land are twisted for some of us.

Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier found out the hard way that one law is not for all. In 2009, this seaman made the mistake of taking pictures of his work area on the USS Alexandria, which is a submarine. He happened to be assigned to the engine room. For the crime, the government wanted to give him a sentence of five years in prison. He received one year in prison and a dishonorable discharge. He also was sentenced to house arrest.

Where is the justice for this man? He has been destroyed, his future has been wiped out. At this time, he is about to lose his home. It was shown in the trial that he took six classified photos. Hillary had hundreds of classified files on her personal server. It has also been shown to the nation that her aid, Huma Abedin, had transferred more files to her husband’s personal computer. Her husband is Anthony Weiner, the disgraced Democratic congressman from New York. He is now in prison for inappropriate conduct with a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina.

When Saucier’s lawyer tried to draw a comparison to what Hillary has done, the federal government rejected it.

Saucier’s lawyer stated that it was “unfair and unjust” for Saucier, who had pleaded guilty, to do prison time “for a crime those more powerful than him will likely avoid.” That statement is nothing more than the truth.

We the people, in the eyes of the powerful of this nation, are looked upon as being less than the elite of this country. Why? One law for all — no more, no less.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist