Watkins Museum announces hours

The J.C. and Ruth Perry Watkins Museum at the Leak Street Cultural Center will be open to the public 1-3 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Those seeking to visit at other times may make an appointment after calling 910-997-6238.

The museum displays newspaper clippings, plaques and personal memorabilia, demonstrating the legacies left by the couple it is named after.

J.C. and Ruth Watkins both were educators — he, a principal at the Leak Street School during integration and she, a French teacher. He went on to be Richmond County’s first African-American commissioner. She became North Carolina Teacher of the Year.

J.C. Watkins still works at Leak Street, which offers tutoring and meals to students who need them.

The center is at 1004 Leak St., Rockingham.

Piedmont working on pipelines

Piedmont Natural Gas began routine pipeline operations Thursday near the intersection of Springdale Drive and Old Cheraw Highway.

The work includes the use of mercaptan, an odorant used to give natural gas the smell of rotten eggs, making it easy to detect. Company officials say the odorant is not dangerous to the community or the environment.

While the process is performed in a controlled environment, residents may smell the mercaptan or hear a whistling sound as operations progress.

Work is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 23.

Call Piedmont at 800-752-7504 or 911 if a natural gas leak is suspected.