LETTER: Political attack hides behind veterans’ praise

To the editor:

Re: “Vets deserve more than lip service” by Dylan Frick, May 26.

Mr. Frick, thank you for your kind and supportive remarks about America’s veterans. Your words are well-said. However, you managed to take the veterans’ cause and turn it into a party-line attack. You write about the “true heart” of Memorial Day, then turn around and backbite about political parties. Bait and switch.

Mr. Frick, when you write about the VA system being underfunded and overwhelmed by the influx of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, I would say that since the very beginnings of the VA, the entire program has never been funded as it should. Yet you say the Republicans only think about veterans when they are convenient props to shore up their patriotism credentials. That has a very hollow ring to it.

Your party has also used veterans as a stepping stone at every opportunity, often with lies and deception. Democrats can’t have any qualms about telling lies, because their party is godless. The DNC, at their convention in Charlotte, voted God and any reference to God off their platform.

That vote allowed the Democrats relief from conscience while allowing encouragement to continue the murder of unborn babes in the womb and the designing of ever-increasing social programs to support your voter base. None of your giveaway plans have any actual compassion for the poor, underinformed people who you have cultivated for a base. Nothing but tax-funded vote-buying.

The mention of cutting wasteful weapons programs is nothing but a verbal vehicle in which you ride around to spout more innuendoes about how bad Republicans are. If you look hard enough at where these weapons programs are being manufactured, you’ll find a Democrat with his or her nose under the tent.

You write about George Bush and the tab on the national credit card. I suspect that the total cost for the two wars would not add up to the amount that Obama and the DNC have doled out to maintain almost half of America and all of Mexico. Big chunks of money doled out to solar power, electric cars and a bunch of other lame-brained ideas.

Mr. Frick, the Wounded Warrior Project is indeed an amazing organization. The No. 1 reason that they are so good at what they do is because they are passionate for what they are doing. Not being managed by the government is No. 2. And, yes, they did build that!

L.E. Veach