Police chase down suspects

Melonie McLaurin | Daily Journal Rockingham police officers lead a shirtless suspect away in handcuffs behind Walmart early Tuesday afternoon.

ROCKINGHAM — Police are being tight-lipped about an incident that happened early Tuesday afternoon near Walmart.

Officers from the Rockingham Police Department and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office were seen behind the Walmart Supercenter on U.S. 74 Business in a manhunt involving a K-9 unit.

As about a dozen marked and unmarked cars from both agencies arrived on the scene, officers were seen speaking with one suspect, a man in a white T-shirt, while others patrolled near the entrance to the store.

Soon, one officer shouted “There’s one more!” while running toward the embankment behind the store where several officers and a K-9 stood looking out across the overgrown area and the swamp behind the treeline.

The K-9 and handler entered the wooded area from one side while a couple of other officers went downhill closer to the Hwy 55 restaurant in an effort to hem in the suspect.

Soon, the words, “I’ve got him!” were heard, and the K-9 officer and his dog emerged with other officers and a shirtless suspect already handcuffed.

The suspect in the white T-shirt was later questioned, cuffed, walked to a police cruiser and taken away.

Officers later drove around to the parking lot in front of the Hwy 55 restaurant to a gold-colored Chevrolet Suburban, where they began talking to a man and a woman.

Police began searching through the SUV and took the man over to the side, frisked him and placed him into a cruiser without being handcuffed.

One officer was heard questioning the woman about stolen credit cards and said she was “a bad liar.”

“Did you buy that with a stolen credit card?” he asked her, holding up a card. He also questioned her about a connection to Greensboro.

One of the officers conducting the vehicle search pulled out a plastic Walmart bag and called the questioning officer over to have a look at what was inside.

The woman was taken away from the scene, uncuffed, in an unmarked car.

Officers at the scene referred questions to either Capt. Eddie Grant or Lt. Richard Greene.

Grant said that all information had to come from either Chief Billy Kelly or Detective Lt. Donavan Young, the public information officer. Neither Kelly or Young were working Tuesday.

A Walmart representative told the Daily Journal that the store was not involved in the incident.

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