School grading scale bill signed into law


RALEIGH — A bill allowing North Carolina public schools to continue receiving A-F school performance grades based on a 15-point scale was signed into law this past week, state Sen. Tom McInnis announced Friday.

House Bill 358 will provide a consistent benchmark for student achievement for state schools, said McInnis, R-Richmond, who sponsored an identical bill in the Senate. Gov. Pat McCrory signed the legislation.

“I am very pleased to have been a part of this important legislation, which will bring certainty to the grading process for two more years,” McInnis said in a statement. “This will also guarantee three years of consistent data where we can continue to identify those schools that need additional assistance.”

In 2012, the General Assembly passed a new initiative allowing public schools to be graded A-F – just like students – to increase transparency and clarity for parents, administrators and the surrounding community, McInnis said. Last year, lawmakers responded to feedback from school officials by changing the grading scale from a 10-point to a 15-point system. House Bill 358 extends the 15-point scale for an additional year.

McInnis said the extension of this system will ensure that North Carolina continues to identify and support struggling schools, as well as recognize high performers.