Gennarelli claims Demon Invitational at inaugural Modern Street Hemi Shootout

By: For the Daily Journal

ROCKINGHAM — Nancy Gennarelli drove her 840-horsepower 2018 Dodge Demon through the quarter mile in a jaw-dropping 9.907 seconds Saturday to turn back Georgia’s Tim Godbee and win the Demon Invitational portion of Rockingham Dragway’s Whipple Superchargers Modern Street Hemi Shootout.

Mopar racers from 17 states and Canada participated, but Bill McFadden (Scotch Plains, N.J.) was the only one who left with multiple trophies. McFadden drove his 2007 Dodge Magnum past the Dodge Charger of Chris Dufresne (Pomfret, Md.) to win the King of the Hill title and then beat Raymond Minich (Doylestown, Pa.) to win the Mopar Dial-In class.

Dufresne would come back to win the 10.50 Index class.

Other winners included Harrison Zauke (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.) in Demon Performance, Brian Brunt (Wixom, Mich.) in the 9.50 Index class and Rockingham regular Gary Sanders (Eagle Springs) in 12.50 Index. Delano McFarlane (Fayetteville) won the 11.50 Index class in his 2015 Challenger over Nick Billet (Boyton Beach, Fla.) in his 2016 Challenger Hellcat.

“It was a great weekend,” said track owner Steve Earwood. “Event promoter Dan Van Horn attracted some of the fastest street Hemi’s in the country, and Brandon and Sunny Mass and the Mass Traction crew did an outstanding job keeping the track in optimum condition to get these high-horsepower cars down the track.

“The Rockingham crew and I are already looking forward to next years event.”

Final-round results from Rockingham Dragway’s inaugural Modern Street Hemi Shootout:

DEMON INVITATIONAL — Nancy Gennarelli (.241, 9.907, 137.26 mph) def. Tim Godbee (.161, 10.137, 135.13 mph)

DEMON PERFORMANCE — Harrison Zauke (.040, 8.348, 164.81 mph) def. Todd Barber (.018, 8.356, 165.44 mph)

KING OF HILL — Bill McFadden (.125, 11.929 on an 11.400, 86.27 mph) def. Chris Dufresne (.169 19.718 on a 10.520, no speed recorded)

MOPARS DIAL-IN — Bill McFadden (.020, 11.555 on an 11.400, 103.54 mph) def. Raymond Minich (.353, 12.205 breakout on a 12.270, 112.29 mph)

9.50 INDEX — Brian Brunt (.077, 9.548, 135.47 mph) def. Jon Deter (.050, 9.607, 143.72 mph)

10.00 INDEX — Don Keller (.193, 10.081, 124.90 mph) def. Unknown #457 (.294, 10.181, 139.67 mph)

10.50 INDEX — Chris Dufresne (.009, 10.637, 120.85 mph) def. Justin Skudder (.048, 10.621, 120.38 mph)

11.50 INDEX — McFarlane def. Billet.

12.50 INDEX — Gary Sanders (.093, 12.275, 100.88 mph) def. Mike Waiwood (.054, 12.223, 103.25 mph)

ROOKIE — Edward Peraza (.503, 13.778 on a 13.050, 83.03 mph) def. Brian Carbonaco (.514, 14.370 on a 12.500, 88.63 mph)


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