Buddy Dial hugely ‘appreciated’ at annual Bracket Shootout

By: For the Daily Journal

ROCKINGHAM — Rowland’s Buddy Dial dominated the annual Racers Appreciation Bracket Shootout at Rockingham Dragway, claiming the two biggest shares of the purse as the Top Eliminator champion on both Saturday and Sunday.

It was a $4,000 weekend for Dial who used a .006 package to turn back Thomasville’s Durant Cottingham in the Sunday final and a .016 package to beat Clayton’s Chris Braxton on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Sanford’s Ricky Bullock and Richfield’s Allen Furr snatched up the $1,000 winners’ shares of the Footbrake purse.

En route to a Saturday win at the wheel of his 1971 Chevy Nova, Bullock claimed hometown bragging rights by beating fellow Sanford-ite Kevin Locklear by .007 of a second in their fifth-round showdown.

In the www.jrdragsterparts.com class, presented by GUNK, Lane Morgan (Angier) got the “close, but no cigar” prize as runner-up on both Saturday and Sunday. The winners in the event, which is part of the season-long Liquid Wrench Jr. Dragster Series, were Connor Caulder (St. Pauls) and Nicole Zuccarelli (Goldsboro), and Seymour Johnson AFB.

In addition to the cash, drivers earned Summit Series and Rockingham Dragway track championship points on both days of racing. Point races three, four and five will be contested Big John Memorial Bracket weekend, May 25-27.

Results from the annual Racers Appreciation Bracket Shootout at Rockingham Dragway:

SUNDAY TOP ELIMINATOR FINAL – Buddy Dial (.002, 4.694 on a 4.690, 144.92 mph) def. Durant Cottingham (.021, 4.676 on a 4.650, 147.63 mph).

SUNDAY FOOTBRAKE FINAL – Allen Furr (.070, 6.672 on a 6.680, 102.53 mph) def. Rick Terry (foul).

SUNDAY JR. DRAGSTER FINAL – Nicole Zuccarelli (.035, 7.863 on a 7.900, 81.22 mph) def. Lane Morgan (.020, 8.876 breakout on an 8.920, 74.18 mph).

SATURDAY TOP ELIMINATOR FINAL – Buddy Dial (.007, 4.739 on a 4.730, 141.50 mph) def. Chris Braxton (.048, 4.789 breakout on a 4.810, 142.49 mph).

SATURDAY FOOTBRAKE FINAL – Ricky Bullock (.025, 6.198 on a 6.190, 108.15 mph) def. Kevin Blevins (.047, 6.074 on a 6.060, 111.34 mph).

SATURDAY JR. DRAGSTER FINAL – Connor Caulder (.008, 7.933 on a 7.900, 76.13 mph) def. Lane Morgan (.094, 8.950 on an 8.950, 73.20 mph).


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