Facebook comments: Stop complaining; be more responsible

Comments on Facebook can sometimes get ugly.

Some folks just complain, never with anything good to say. Sometimes commenters exchange vitriolic barbs. One time, we had to delete an entire post because the comments got out of hand.

But other times, there are those who actually appear to have put a little thought into what they say before they say it.

Following are a few comments from recent stories we’d like to share with those who may have missed them or do not use social media:

(Note: Only minor editing was done to these comments, which are attributed to the username. )

On Hamlet spending $60K to repair a basketball court:

“60k out of that budget is a drop in the bucket. Seriously I know Johnathan M Buie and I can speak volumes on his character. He is at the middle school every other day spending time with the kids making their days awesome! That’s a guy I want making decisions. These kids need a space to play ball and run around. Obviously they (the council) has put a lot of money into a gang unit and police department so this argument is useless and stupid. We need to refocus our energy into the kids and their development and future. I don’t have a problem with the article at all, the Daily Journal has done a great job covering sports for the teams I’ve coached. Everyone has opinions but we tell our children “don’t saying anything at all if you have nothing nice to say.” I read these comments and it’s somewhat concerning people are taking shots left and right at one another when we tell our kids this. If you want to help, then get involved! That’s been stated many times. There are opportunities to contribute to the city of Hamlet!! Let’s make Hamlet the best possible!”

Christopher Campolieta

On Hamlet’s fireworks and last year’s cancellation:

“There was a certain situation going on last year people, that had nothing to do with the fact that there are actual gangs in the area, there are gangs in every town every day, all year long. They made a decision not to take a chance in your safety and your children’s safety in this situation if you remember what was going on. There were other towns and other fireworks and if you missed them one year it obviously didn’t kill you, so either go or don’t go but quit constantly complaining”

Diane Lee Jordan

On the county’s littering problem:

“I lived in Cobb County, Georgia for more than 22 years. I cannot count the number of trips I made to Rockingham to visit my parents. There was a $500 fine for littering. People pay attention when you hit them in the wallet. Enforce laws and do more than a slap in the hand. There were signs posted (very much like speed limit signs). Everyone that traveled the streets knew it would cost then if they tossed out their trash. I live off County Home Road, my drive is between two family members’ homes. I stop daily and pick up trash that has been tossed into those yards because I just can’t stand the looks of trashy yards. I have even found used condoms in the yards, several feet off County Home Road. It makes me sick. But, the thing that burns me most are people that toss trash into the back of pickups, knowing the mess is going to blow out. Be responsible! Then we all should know that these trashy people are not reading these posts. It is the people that care and we already take care not to trash our county.”

Cb Morrow