Opinion page is meant to be diverse

By: William R. Toler - Daily Journal Editor

I recently saw a comment (where exactly it was, I can’t recall) on how the Daily Journal was becoming anti-Democrat.

Well, the paper shouldn’t be pro-Democrat — or pro-Republican, for that matter — and I think the opinion page has been a good example of that.

It features viewpoints from conservative columnists like John Hood, progressive pundits(I refuse to use the term “liberal” since it was hijacked in the early 1900s) like D.G. Martin and Chris Fitzsimon, and libertarian writers, the latter of which is probably a shock to many readers not used to that line of thought.

R.C. Hoiles, publisher and founder of the late Freedom Communications, said that the editorial page of a newspaper was “a daily school room made available to its subscribers.”

As editor, that’s what I try to do: educate the paper’s readers on multiple ideas, challenging long-held beliefs and opinions — not create an echo chamber where everything is agreeable.

There are going to be some opinions you don’t like. Personally, I don’t agree with all the columns and editorials or cartoons that are printed, but I believe those ideas deserve to be heard and left to the individual to decide whether or not he or she agrees.

William R. Toler is editor of the Daily Journal.


William R. Toler

Daily Journal Editor