LETTER: Take Richmond County back from drugs, crime

To the editor:

It is with a heavy heart that I attempt to put my thoughts to print. I attempt to understand the actions of a man I have known for well over 30 years. Names and time frame matter not. It does no good to bring this forward. The only facts that need to come out is this: I am witness after the fact to a horrific assault by this man on another. The victim of the unprovoked assault is a very close and dear friend of mine.

It breaks my heart to know that this man will be scarred for the rest of his life. Scarred by a man twice the size of my friend. My friend was ambushed and had no chance to defend himself from this attack.

Some people will say people get attacked every day, it just happens — and so it does. This attack did not have to happen. This attack was caused by illegal prescription drugs, bought off the streets. My friend could have been beaten to death by this man who was caught up in his fit of rage brought on by the mixing of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Think about this. If you happen to be in a car that was used in a bank robbery and you get caught, then you are just as guilty as the one who went in to the bank and did the robbery. My point is this: Whoever sold this man the prescription drugs has blood on their hands also.

This assault cannot be pushed to the side and forgotten. This assault was at the hands of a man who has lost control. I also say that you cannot push this man or any other off to the side and forget about them either. There is help to be had.

My written word is the voice of reason trying to talk to you. Those of you who have this burden of meth and prescription drugs on your back. We as a community want to help you, we can help you. All you have to do is come forward and ask for that help.

If you do not let us help you, then we are at war with you. We are tired of you breaking into our houses and stealing what we have worked hard for. We, the citizens of Richmond County, will take our community back. We will drive you out if you do not want our help. It might take a little time to do so, but know and believe this: We’re watching you. You will be taken down.

You either work with us or against us, it that simple. God save your soul if you choose to work against us. You are the one who has to take that first step. This community belongs to the working man and woman. This mad dog that these drugs are will be driven from the streets of Richmond County.

If you see something that does not look right, then say something, do something. You might be the one you are saving from being robbed. Watch out for your neighbors. If you see drugs being sold on the block, then call a cop. It works.

Law enforcement needs and wants our help. Give it to them. Do you want our children to have no life? Do not allow drugs to take from us. Take Richmond County back — one soul, one street at a time. It can be done.

Robert Lee