LETTER: Make slower drivers use right lane

To the editor:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s plans are adding higher taxation with North Carolina toll roads.

Fuel taxes in North Carolina are currently 36 cents per gallon. Additionally, there is $.0025-per gallon for inspection fees. Federal fuel taxes are $.184 per gallon. Under Pat McCrory’s administration, (y)our N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing toll roads on Interstate 77, another tax on North Carolinians.

Slower traffic patterns form on multi-lane highways when slower motorists continue to drive in the left-side lanes rather than moving over into slower right lanes; thus leaving more left-side lanes for speedier drivers. A solution is for the N.C. General Assembly to pass laws requiring slower drivers to maneuver in the more-right lanes and NCDOT to install newer signs — slower traffic keep right except to pass; slower traffic must operate in right side lanes; slower traffic must not operate in more-left lanes, etc.

Also install message signs: “It is the law.” Then, enforce it! Additional lanes to all drivers and with referenced signs, slow-downs will be decreased.

Oscar Y. Harward