LETTER: Rioters a threat to our peace, safety

To the editor:

Now we have all seen how the thugs and lawless mobs have taken over the inner cities. These looters and thieves want to completely control our cities all across America. Now all law enforcement can’t do their jobs because of these Democratic leaders who have a stranglehold on our peacemakers.

These leaders, up to and including the highest office in our land, are causing anarchy all across America. I think law enforcement should back off somewhat and let these large crowds wipe themselves out. And after they have reduced their presence somewhat, then law enforcement and the National Guard should go in and remove them from our streets by any means necessary.

This has to be done in order to bring safety back to America. We must rid our land of these people — they are no different from ISIS. In fact, some of them may be seeking to join ISIS.

In closing my letter, I must say these people have destroyed our national treasury while living off our government while trying to destroy America at the same time. So many Americans who were in our military must remember now that oath they took in their youth — all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We must all stand firm with our law enforcement, and we must do it now!

Fred S. Caudle