LETTER: Rockingham Dragway fuels Richmond County’s economic engine

To the editor:

As a neighbor to Rockingham Dragway, I am a weekly observer of the numerous events conducted at the dragstrip. The recent SmokeOut bike rally is an example of the innovative activities Rock owner Steve Earwood continues to bring to Richmond County that benefits our community.

Every restaurant, motel, convenience store and discount store parking lot I went by on June 15 and 16 was filled with motorcyclists who attended this annual fair, bringing a windfall of revenue to our retailers during what is historically a season of slow activity.

I don’t think our citizens realize what an economic impact Rockingham Dragway has on our county. We all felt a sense of loss when NASCAR abandoned the Speedway. I have seen the weekly participants at the Dragway and know that the 11 months the Dragway operates brings in more revenue annually than the Speedway did.

I am proud to be a neighbor of the dragstrip and am most appreciative of the out-of-towners it continues to bring here.

Tommy Deese