LETTER: Pets, like children, are a big responsibility

To the editor:

If you cannot take care of a pet the way it should be taken care of and love it the way it deserves, I am begging you, please do not get one.

They require as much love and care as a small child. They need vaccinations, grooming, teeth care, nail care, ear care, proper diet, water, heart-worm testing, monthly heart-worm prevention, monthly flea and tick prevention, a safe place to live, love, exercise, play time, collars, leashes, toys, blankets, pet beds, and I feel sure I may have left things out.

They have accidents and get sick just like a child and that may require trips to the vet. It is expensive to have a pet and take care of it the way it should be taken care of. It is not a lawn ornament that can just be put on a chain and left outside with minimal shelter and food. That is cruel! Just think about how you want to be treated and treat your pet with the same love and respect.

I know some say it is just a dog or a cat, etc., but I say it is a living and loving animal that would lay down its life to protect us and love us with everything it has. We have three dogs and four cats and I know we could have so much more if we did not have them, but you could never imagine how much love and enjoyment they bring us. I do not regret one cent that we spend on them.

Please, just think really hard before you get any kind of pet, Do your research and take it seriously.

Kim Hutchinson