LETTER: The Gaza double-standard

To the editor:

Recent events in Gaza were reminiscent of TV scenes from Birmingham during the ’60s civil rights struggle. Palestinians using slingshots in the face of “shoot to kill” orders from Netanyahu’s military left 60 dead and 2,700 injured. When such events take place in Syria, Nickki Haley describes them as atrocities and a violation of human rights. In this case, Haley blamed Hamas, adding Israel acted with restraint.

U.S. foreign policy based upon defense of human rights must be viewed by the international community as hypocritical at best and cynical at worst. Establishing a homeland for victims of the Holocaust in Palestine was noble in principle and miraculous in success. It is not clear what moral compass guides Middle East policy today. The desire to “Rescue us from becoming the evil that happened to us” would seem essential to any hope for peace.

Joe Exum

Snow Hill