LETTER: Norman’s first Chick-n Pick-n Jamboree was a success

To the editor:

Our first spring event went well. I worried about the weather all week, but sunshine prevailed — around 75 degrees with a slight breeze, a perfect day I would say. I met people who had never been to Norman before, so that tells me you find new stuff and they will find you.

Rockabilly and Americana music was introduced here and probably in the county for the first time. They were the biggest compliments. Abigail Dowd and family were excited to come to Norman. If we can make it work, I will try and get her back next year. Traditional bluegrass, for those who like that style of music, was also here. Our grass field and surroundings just add to the niceness of our two events. As someone said, “It was very low key, but very nice.” That’s a big compliment and I thank you.

Mr. Haywood Grant and friends from Ellerbe brought in the antique tractors for our first event and I’m hoping the showing of the tractors and classic vehicles can continue. The motorcycle run went well. The church that puts it on decided to come in with us to help increase with overall sales and they told me they were very pleased.

My newest sponsor is Riverstreet Networks. I want to welcome them on board. I have been told this is a wonderful company. Word spreads fast and I would like to express to everyone that sponsors pay for these events — some are paying sponsors, some trade out — but for me, I try to bring in the better entertainment. Why, do you ask? Well, the County of Richmond and the Town of Norman, along with donations, was nice enough to help build this stage and along with a grant from Pee Dee Electric, I am adding a riser and some other stuff to make the stage even more better, so the more sponsorships we receive, the better I can give back. If you will look back two years, you will see I have given you entertainment that promotes themselves with promotional videos, reliable references … and I want to continue. Commissioner Don Bryant, it was good seeing you and hope to see you Memorial Day Monday.

A big thank you to our sponsors: Riverstreet Networks; Richmond Co. Tourism; Pee Dee Electric; Town of Norman; Griffin Nissan; 103.1 Life; The Richmond Observer; B&J Sales; Uwharrie Mt. Radio; Passin’ Time Farms; Gary Welch’s Cattle Co.; Bluegrass Farm; Jim Lambeth Farms; Witherspoon Heat & Air; WAYN 900 AM; Carolina Farm Credit; Fidelity Bank; Old School Racing; E.E Vuncannon, LLC; and Matt’s Shop N Save.

Thank you all who support.

Mayor Kenneth Broadway