LETTER: Correspondents Dinner comedian went too far

To the editor:

As we both know, our First Amendment gives all of the citizens of America the right bestowed on us by Congress to speak freely, as it should be. I have been given that right and I do use that right every week in my column published here in the Richmond County Daily Journal. I also know, as a human being, that there are — and should be — limitations to the nature of my speech. I do not go past those boundaries. I will not allow myself, nor would the Journal allow me, to go past a certain point. Some people have no understanding of civility.

Now to make my point. I watched this past weekend the White House Correspondents Dinner. There was a comedian by the name of Michelle Wolf who was hired to entertain. Comedy is, for the most of us, funny. What I and millions of Americans were witness to was the most despicable and insulting display that I have every seen. The nature of her words were nothing more than vile. This woman with her trash talk proved just what she was and that being nothing more than the trash that spewed out of her mouth. All of her words were directed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is the White House press spokesperson.

This display was meant to embarrass Mrs. Sanders. It was meant to try and hurt her as a conservative woman. It did not. Mrs. Sanders showed the world just how strong of a woman she really is. Those who hired the so-called comedian knew exactly what she was going to talk about. They allowed it to happen. So this is funny in the liberal Left’s eyes? Most people saw it for what it was, nothing more than a direct attack on a conservative woman. Scum seeks its own level and Michelle Wolf showed America where her level sits.

This was my right of the First Amendment. This is my right to voice my opinion of Michelle Wolf’s words and herself.

Robert Lee