LETTER: Dems want gun confiscation and boys in girls’ toilets

To the editor:

Well, well, well. How can anybody with a conscience ever again vote the Democrats back in?

I tell you right now, in 1943, when I went to the first grade at Rohanen, we all knew which toilets to go in. Maybe we were just children, but we already knew about right from wrong.

Now, the Democrat leaders have all gone nuts about the subject of boys and girls are all the same. If we knew better than that in the first grade, then we never need leaders like Obama and Hillary or an of the other fools.

Also, does anybody out there in radio land know why America has never been invaded?

Let me answer that: It’s because we have a lot of guns.

And let me add this — they will shoot more than one time and we are going to keep them.

You Democrats can cry and blow your nose all you want to, but America will always be free!

And one more thing: love it or leave it.

And thanks to the brave souls that recently attacked Syria for killing those children.

Fred Caudle