LETTER: Men should talk to women with basic respect

To the editor:

If it is possible, can someone tell me why any man would want to disrespect any woman at all? I am a young mother with small children and I wish to tell you about some of the men in this county. The ones that I wish to talk about are those who have no respect for anyone or anything. The rap culture has degraded women to the point that some men think they can talk pure trash to any woman at any time. This is wrong.

Did these men not have mothers or sisters? Would they want their mother disrespected with nothing more than pure trash talk? It’s bad enough when we are alone but to have our children present it is beyond disrespect.

I have been called names in front of my children only because I would not respond to these men. I am not alone — I have seen it take place everywhere. I guess some of the problem is because these men did not have fathers in their lives, but that is nothing more than an excuse. To disrespect a woman regardless of her color or age is just wrong. What have we come to? This is not the way that civilized men should act. What if it were their daughters who were talked to as they were animals?

Something has to change. The change has to be with the people. Respect is what has to be taught. It starts in the home with people who care.

We must educate our children. They must learn to respect and they must show that respect to all people, not just woman and children.

Michelle Reeves