LETTER: Open your heart to Christ this Easter

To the editor:

As Christians, we daily thank God for his blessings and a chance to show his love to others. We are here to be a light for him in this world.

Easter Sunday is so special because of Jesus dying on the cross for this sins of the world. Today, he is alive at his father’s right hand, calling all to receive him as Lord and savior. Sadly, too many are like scattered sheep over the earth.

Jesus Christ is the only way to God. You must repent, confess, believe and receive by faith in God’s grace for salvation.

Most people in the world serve other dead gods or no god at all. Some think they can, they will, make it on their own. That is your God-given choice.

I feel, very soon, Jesus will return to Earth to get his children in the blink of an eye. This world will then go through a time of trouble never seen before. Then everyone shall see him and say he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Praise God!

Today, Jesus is the risen savior of all who will come to him. I pray this Easter you will say yes to Christ. Soon, you can rise to meet him in the air. No more sorrow, sickness, death or pain. That is how much God loves us — whoever, whatever, wherever we are.

So, come on and smile —God loves you.

Joe Lyerly

East Rockingham