LETTER: Democrats pushing for a different America

To the editor:

Can anybody believe the stupid Democrats want new gun laws to stop all young people from having the freedom to buy any kind of a hunting gun or rifle until they have reached 21 years of age?

Now, the average age of Americans that died in Vietnam was 19 years of age. Should that fact also mean no more young people in our military service?

Who the hell do they think has been fighting all of our wars?

Also, why in the hell would they want to fight for America now?

The Democrats are no different from the leaders and thugs that have took over Russia so long ago!

These young people are supposed to be free, not forced to live like damn Russians!

Just look at South America: every country down there is ruled by a socialist government. None of the people are allwoed to have any kind of gun — only the people in government and the drug dealers have guns.

The Democrats have longed for the day when America will become a socialist country. We must continue to vote the Democrats out. They must never be allowed to run America again!

All one has to do is watch the news and can see they even have the young high school people walking against their own future freedom.

We must never let America become commie!

Fred S. Caudle