LETTER: Grant will help expose students to literature

To the editor:

The English Department of Rockingham Middle School extends our appreciation to Pee Dee Electric for funding awarded for the literature circle reading initiative “Life and Literature: The Journey Home” made possible by the 2017 Bright Ideas grant.

Your generosity allows us to illuminate, educate, and inform the students we teach by purchasing novels to be read pervasively throughout the school in a literature circle setting. Literature circle sessions uniquely infuse literature into classroom instruction, when students share ideas and reactions to reading in defined groups that meet on a weekly basis.

With this funding, students will be exposed to New York Times notable selections, Newbery award-winning novels, and classics that are, quite simply, timeless.

After all, when we read, the world is just a better place.

Nikki Covington

Gifted Education Specialist

Rockingham Middle School