LETTER: Give God’s gift of love

To the editor:

To most Christians around the world, Christmas and Easter are two very important days of God’s love for us. He gives us a chance to share his true love in how we treat others.

You won’t find Christmas in a bottle or Easter in a basket of eggs.

Jesus came on Christmas to give us the gift of life. He gave his life on Easter so we could have eternal life with him. He gives us his holy spirit so he can live with us in the world today.

Many people are sad a Christmas because you miss loved ones who have died. Maybe you spend your days and nights all by yourself now. That can really hurt, but we are never alone. Jesus is always with us and past loved ones are with him.

If I could give everyone a Christmas gift, it would be to tell how much God loves you. He made you special. There is no one else like you.

Take the gift of his love that he offers freely and share it with everyone you meet. I see people everywhere who want to be loved. Tell them how important they are to you. Thank them for helping you, for being your friend. Try to walk in their shoes and take time to listen to them. If you show love to lift up Jesus, never yourself, people will know you care.

There is no greater gift we can receive, or give, more needed than love.

When I was teenager, I thought middle age was 400 years away. Today, I know life can be like a candle in the wind. When all material things are passed away, love will never fail.

So, if you feel you have nothing to give anyone this Christmas, please offer them love. It is the best gift, because God is love. The moment you make his son Lord of your life, you are his child.

Merry Christmas, and smile, because Jesus loves you!

Joe Lyerly