LETTER: They can’t hurt America

To the editor:

Even if they sit and kneel forever, they can stay forever on their sorry tails, that will never bring dishonor to Old Glory.

They are just mad because they cannot and never will be able to run America their way. We really don’t need their sorry tails in sports.

I can remember back when sports was a decent and honorable part of American life. These dishonorable and greedy people have destroyed all of that!

Now, all they have on their minds is making millions and having law enforcement under their feet. And the last thing they want is the honor shown to America by the rest of the world.

We better not let the Democrats ever get back in power again, because they are of the same mind as those so-called sports players. Just look around and you can see that.

Even Obama showed everyone in America that by the way he told the rest of the world he was sorry what she stood for.

If the Democrats should ever gain power again, America will go back down!

Please, lets work with Trump and keep America great like she has always been. Thank you, so much.

Fred S. Caudle