LETTER: Love it or leave it

To the editor:

Well, well, well. They have made millions as free men in a free country. But now its seems they have no use whatsoever for the generous country that has been so good to them.

That is the same thing as biting the hand that reaches out to feed you.

Look, we all know why. They hate law enforcement that tries to stop the sale of drugs to our very young. So many of them die every day in America. Those football players want the drug dealers to be left alone so they can freely sell their drugs.

All those players hate every law officer in America that does their job.

Look, I say this: If you have no use for flag and country, why don’t you leave it?

I believe those devils love all that huge money they have been freely making.

And let me say this: I believe President Trump will go after drug dealers in America.

Why don’t you leave now?

I, myself, can answer that: You love it here!

Fred Caudle