LETTER: Being scared by snakes is no laughing matter

To the editor:

I guess it was about two months ago, or there about, I had written a column about snakes. I, of course, had written about snakes in the past. The reason that I had decided to write another column about snakes was because of a video of a lady in California. It seems that she had taken her dog out before bedtime for a short walk in her back yard. Just another walk is all it was going to be — she thought.

When it was time to go in, she spotted what she thought was the dog’s toy. It was dark but she could make out something on the ground. At that point, she picked up the toy. As it turned out it — was a snake. The snake was in her hand for all of a micro-second and she let it go. It was at that time that she started hopping and jumping around before it turned out to be a full run from the snake and area.

I was to see this video several times. Everytime I was to see this video, I had to laugh. I could not stop, it was so funny. For days afterward, anytime I thought about the lady jumping around I would laugh and laugh. I could not help myself.

This past Saturday, I was in the yard down near my pond. I was picking up sticks and branches that had fallen out of the trees. It was getting dark but I wanted to get the mess up to burn the next day. In my rush to get it over, I did not pay close attention to what I was doing. I picked up what I thought was a root. It looked like one in the low light. But it wasn’t. It was a snake. I squealed like a little girl. I also started hopping and running.

So now, with that experience under my belt, the video of the lady and her snake is not funny any more.

Robert Lee