LETTER: Hoffman seniors strengthen mind, body, soul

To the editor:

Who said fun, relaxation, brain challenges, fellowship, meeting and greeting and feasting on great food by enjoying an evening on the town were activities designed for the younger generation only? Who said that? As senior citizens who have completed a six-week enrichment program, we know better, we are here again as proof that such statement is untrue in celebrating the second year of activities for senior citizens in this area.

Mr. Daniel Kelly, mayor pro tem of the town of Hoffman, was the facilitator with Alice Livingston, Doris Covington, Shirlene Harrison, Nettie Hart, Cora Kelly, Commissioner Althea Cobb, Barbara Gibson, Jessie Spell, Barbara Gilmore and Macedonia Masonic Lodge No. 629 as his assistants.

Twenty participants registered for the six-week program from Marston, Pinebluff, Aberdeen and Southern Pines. We used as our philosophical belief statement, “Age is a matter of the mind; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Some of the activities to enhance, challenge and strengthen the mind, eyes, body, and soul were musical chairs, dance exercises, arts and crafts, puzzles, movies, fishing trips and cookouts.

To help us to remain informed, we were exposed to information on helping older adults prevent falls, rights to fair housing, legal aid for North Carolinians, banking services and becoming a homeowner.

The program ended with an end-of-the-year celebration to recapture the excitement of “fun for seniors programs.”

Damon Clark