LETTER: What’s good for the goose…

To the editor:

All road signs of Martin Luther King should be torn down and spat upon. No one side should be considered better than the other. Our government should never be afraid of thugs and these people that take over our streets just because they are loud does not mean they are bad.

Now they are expecting more than a free living, free food and free housing. Now they want to the rest of us to hide from them. We should never have given them that kind of power in the first place. To tear up and burn a whole town down should never be the kind of freedom given to thugs, just because they think we owe them something.

I say, “Hell no!” It’s time for us to take America back. If we give in to their every whim about things as it was over 150 years ago (none of us were even born then) they will have us where they have always wanted us — under their feet.

Enough is enough. It’s time to stand on our feet as free Americans.

Fred Caudle