LETTER: Democrats are not needed in America

To the editor:

There are so many criminal Democrats that we have to link them all together. They all stick together to show their contempt for America. They all want America to fail so badly and their king on his throne, Obama, is the worst hater of America known in the history of America.

He is working behind the scenes to destroy this great nation. We have all been living under his lies for the last nine years. In his dreams, he wants to model America after Russia. He loves Russia and Cuba so much that he seeks to destroy our president Trump.

Let me tell you right now, that will never happen.

The American people have caught on to the Democrats. They all cling to Obama because of his great hate for America. Don’t they know the American people can see it all?

We must all work together and never let these criminals ever take over America again.

Now I want to tell the Democrats one more thing: Trump won! You Dems failed badly. America has to be free.

Fred Caudle