LETTER: Time to stop blaming the Democrats

To the editor:

Last Nov. 8, America chose, essentially, to unleash a bull in democracy’s china shop. As ‘El Toro’ Trump snorts, rages, tweets, and wrecks whatever remains of the presidency, Robert Lee peers in the window and is sure the limp, pitiful Left is responsible. Never mind those GOP congressional majorities, if only Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would release their iron grip, Mr. Trump would be free to make America great again.

As he compares the Left to a dog that would soil its own food rather than share it, Mr. Lee must realize this White House is doing a thorough job of soiling its own nest. I doubt he would tolerate a friendship that included treatment comparable to that of Mr. Trump toward the loyal Jeff Sessions. The potty mouth of (now former) communications director Anthony Scaramucci in belittling fellow WH senior staffers should have embarrassed even a crusty ol’ Marine.

Did Mr. Lee miss the apology from Boy Scouts of America head Michael Surbaugh in the wake of President Trump’s disgraceful July 24 speech before their National Jamboree? Upon reflection, it is not a stretch to suppose that nearly any randomly selected scout in attendance could better dignify the presidency than the current occupant.

In the wake of GOP failure to produce a viable healthcare alternative, it is time to repair — not replace — the existing framework. Bizarrely, desperate GOP senators were reduced to begging House colleagues’ assurance they would ignore Senate passage of a slimmed -down ACA repeal. But three courageous Republicans saw through a ruse that could have removed coverage from 15 million. Failure of the ACA due to Republican deliberate neglect will rest upon Trump’s administration, not an out-of-power Nancy Pelosi.

Incredibly, Mr. Lee apparently sees an equivalency between Russian and U.S. influence in each other’s elections. U.S. funding of some human rights or pro-democracy groups hardly equals flooding our social media with fake news or hacking e-mails for selective release.

Does Robert Lee think it is so easy to interfere in Putin’s Russia?

Douglas Smith