LETTER: Hate politics of the radical Left

To the editor:

Not having sex with Monica Lewinsky spawned a propaganda machine the North Koreans would envy. Born in Silicon Valley in 1998 during Clinton’s impeachment, MoveOn.org used social media to spread Anglophobic/Saul Alinski vitriol and is often credited with the political success of Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders. Hollywood, Kathy Griffin and the cast of Shakespeare in the Park would be disciples of this subversive cult.

John Hodgkinson was not playing Caesar in his violent effort to kill Republican Congressmen, even though radicalized Democrats suggested Scalise got what he deserved. The Democrat party has distanced itself from the KKK over the past 50 years: it is time the DNC distanced itself from the political intolerance and bigotry espoused at MoveOn.org.

Joe Exum

Snow Hill