LETTER: ‘We loved them all’

To the editor:

I remember as young boy when the war (World War II) ended.

All of our textile plants were operating back then. They all blew their giant whistles for at least one hour.

My parents told me the first thing I said was, “Oh boy! Gen. MacArthur won the war. Now we will have iron guns for Christmas.”

Everything was made of wood because iron was used for the war effort.

But mostly what I remember was our local boys coming home from the war. They were my first real heroes. I would like to take the pleasure now to name a few: Harold Dawkins, Hamp Davis, Hubert Thigpen.

I loved them all, but Harold Dawkins was my favorite.

Harold saw service in France, Italy and Germany. He was a B.A.R. man, fought hard and loved his country.

Hamp Davis and Hubert Thigpen saw service in the South Pacific.

Hubert was wounded badly by machine gun fire. Harold was wounded in the shoulder.

There was also a Lamont from Highland Pines who was a hero.

But I just wanted to say, we loved them all so much. They did not hesitate to come to the aid of their country. those guys made America great back then. We must never forget to honor them all.

Fred S. Caudle