LETTER: They are pushing the button

To the editor:

The Democrats are pushing the self-destruct button for their own country. I have never in my lifetime seen them so crazy. They have now shown their intent to us all to bring America down.

Many of these people are the so-called leaders of the minorities. With their hearts full of hate, they intend to destroy the America we all love. May they forever fail with their movements. You can see pure hate in their eyes and swollen faces.

Also, we are seeing the same thing from so-called Hollywood stars. Now let me tell you right now, these people are not very smart. They all have to be told every word they say in their movies by the people that make the movies. In other words, these people are creatures that don’t have their own mind.

That’s not very smart. As a matter of fact, that is phony.

And just like the so-called black and white activists that are stirring up so much trouble for America, they too are just like the Hollywood people — phony!

Fred S. Caudle