LETTER: He still don’t get it

To the editor:

Even Obama himself thinks right now that he is on top of everything. He has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever why Hilary lost the election. And that was mostly because he endorsed her. He really believes he is the same hotshot as he looked 8½ years ago.

Also, the foolish Democrats that we see now standing behind him will certainly go down in history the same as Obama: big-headed Democrats with no clue.

And I believe I can explain it all in one sentence: Don’t every try to take over the American people with laws that must have come from Karl Marx’s views from the past.

Let me tell you Democrats right now, it is a grave mistake to try to use government power to try and take over the people you are supposed to represent. You work for them, not the other way around.

Many years from now, the legacy left by Barack Obama will b found with a microscope.

Obama and even the Democratic Party depended on lawlessness by street people as a way to help them take over America.

Boy, did they find out how the American (people) felt at the November presidential election of 2016.

But even now, I must say the Democrats have not learned a lesson. They are still bound and determined to have Obama wipe the last of them out.

Those that cannot remember the past are doomed to relive it.

Fred S. Caudle