LETTER: ‘Culture war’ exposes liberal bigots

To the editor:

Regarding the NBA’s pulling the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte over LGBT issues: The NBA Commissioners responsible for this wrongheaded and discriminatory decision should immediately resign (or be fired). They are an embarrassing stain on the moral fabric of this country.

Thinking people like Plato, who over two thousand years ago perceptively taught that homosexual activity is immoral, and many other intellectuals since then have known that homosexual activity is wrong and a bad legal precedent.

One thing the “culture war” over LGBT issues is doing is exposing a lot of liberal bigots who believe it’s perfectly okay to discriminate against decent moral people who take the eminently logical stance that male minds in female bodies and female minds in male bodies and homosexual minds in heterosexual bodies are obviously disorders (a commonsense position taken by the American Psychiatric Association for years until it became infected with ever-so-trendy “political correctness.”)

These liberal bigots actually believe it’s okay to discriminate against businesses and churches that don’t want to cater to heterophobic homosexuals and transgenders, and okay to discriminate against states like North Carolina or Mississippi which want to protect these businesses and churches from legal persecution by heterophobic homosexuals and transgenders and their misguided straight supporters.

Let’s not let these liberal bigots take us back thousands of years to the ancient and primitive Greek and Roman days when homosexual activity was perversely valued. Liberal bigots need to wise up and abandon their pro-homosexual prejudices. Let’s progress not regress!

Wayne Lela

Downers Grove, Illinois