Letter: Family past had no bearing on SEAL’s sacrifice

To the editor:

Some of the media of this country needs to be taken out and horsewhipped until they understand somethings just do not need to be brought up in their reporting. I do not refer to all reporters, as there are very good ones. I will not talk about the reporter himself, but I will talk about the A.P. (Associated Press).

This past week there was an article written about one of our fallen heroes. His name is John Keating IV. This man was a Navy SEAL. This SEAL had been in the north of Iraq helping the Kurdish people fight ISIS. Some will know that there was a firefight where other American troops were overrun . This SEAL and others fought their way in to save the lives of these cut-off troops. With no thought of his own safety, this man gave all to save others.

Most people have no idea of what type of a man it takes to become an American Navy SEAL. These men are truly the best of the best. The hardships that these men endure to claim the title of SEAL would kill most men or they would just give up in the first days of training.

Why in God’s name did this A.P. reporter feel that he needed to bring up his grandfather’s name (Charles H. Keating Jr.) is beyond me. It matters not what his grandfather did while he was a savings and loan financier. This SEAL bares no shame for what his family member did in the past. There was no true reason to bring up his family’s past. The shame goes to the A.P. reporter. This SEAL gave all, not for America but for his fellow fighters on the battlefield. But it was all of these men fighting for the safety of all Americans that we owe thanks. God bless this fallen American hero and the Keating family.

Robert Lee