LETTER: Confederate caravan inspires Dixie pride

To the editor:

Well, I’m from Dixie too. Wow, did it do my heart good to see those caravans of young people who are still proud of their past heritage. These young people will never be told what they can say or do or even think.

No small group of people, no matter what kind of mean demonstrations they come up with, will ever instill the fear they have intended for our young people. These young people are our Southern pride, and we older people stand behind them 100 percent. And if need be, they can always count on us to stand with them.

And I say this to those demonstrators: You ain’t seen nothing yet. Even though your supreme leader has tried to remake America in his own image. It is on the news every day how miserably he has failed. He has only succeeded in making you meaner and poorer. His free food from those who work for a living has only broken the scales in your bathroom.

I tell you today: Those who work are much healthier and certainly happier than you, and we worked for our retirement. Know that Hillary will continue with all of Obama’s policies. She has stuck with him 100 percent for the last six awful years.

These young people I have praised all know we cannot continue what Obama has done. America cannot stand much longer if we stay on this liberal path of destruction. I believe today it will be the South and Southwest that has the strength to bring America back.

In closing my letter, I must say to the young people again: Thank you for restoring my faith in our country again. I stood beside the highway Saturday and watched your caravan drive by. I love Dixie too.

Fred S. Caudle