LETTER: Rebel flag will fly high on private property

To the editor:

If that boy Dylann Roof would’ve had an American flag. well hell, take it down too. And if that joker in Colorado Springs would have had an American flag around his neck, take it down.

Y’all took the Confederate flag down in Charleston, but not at my place — it will fly high on Airport Road. You can take it down from some places, but not on our land. Hell, everybody at the beach is selling rebel flags. You high-dollar people are making it worse, so just let it be.

Put the flag up, everybody? Well, he had a gun in his other hand, that’s what started this whole thing — hell, get the gun shop owner for selling it. He’s just as guilty. The rebel flag don’t hurt people, guns hurt people, so these people are dead wrong.

I will fly mine in Darlington on race weekend. We’re just country boys and girls and friends flying our flag and loving what we had. Now, taking that away will be tough. God bless America and the rebel flag forever and ever!

Someone call Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock — help us, please! I’m just a country boy with his rebel flag. I would love to write a song with Hank and Kid Rock.

I’m going to Lowe’s and buying the biggest flagpole I can and putting it up on Airport Road.

My best girlfriend went and saw Kid Rock in Raleigh and they were taking everyone’s flags down. They paid good money for that stuff and their tickets to get in. You go to have fun with friends and they go and take our flags? Someone step up and help me with this. It’s gotten out of hand. It’s just a flag.

Benjamin “Banjo” Davis