LETTER: Hamlet movie theater deserves an encore

To the editor:

My name is Selina Martinez. I’m 15½ years old, I’m in the 10th grade at Richmond Senior High School and I’m a sergeant in Junior ROTC.

There’s and old shut-down movie theater on Main Street in Hamlet, and I would like the Hamlet City Council to find a way to bring that back.

We need to bring that back because Richmond County kids have nothing to do in Richmond County except do drugs and etc. If y’all bring fun stuff for teenagers back, y’all won’t have to deal with teenagers doing drugs and etc. Plus if we wanted to do something fun we have to go far away and spend more money.

If y’all bring back the movie theater, we kids and teenagers will have more fun and excitement and more things to do. And I know how kids feel and think nowadays.

Selina Martinez