LETTER: Flag waves as banner of Southern pride

By: Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

To the editor:

Keep your grubby hands to yourself, NAACP. You people are so filled with hate for the South. Let me tell you one thing: You will never stamp out history.

You cannot stand the symbol that was the flag of once-proud Democrats back then. You are so politically correct that you think you can change history. I tell you tonight: That proud flag of the South had nothing to do with those horrible murders in Charleston. He represented not one thing from the proud South.

You people are so blinded by your hate for people who are different from you that you think you can stamp them out by trying to do away with history. Sure, we may be different from you, but that is just the way this world was built.

Somebody bigger than you and I made us all, and let me tell you right here and now: We are here to stay and live just as we choose. We love the South and are very proud of our heritage. We are also proud of gallant people from the South who chased after fleeing Yankees.

Their rebel yell put fear in the hearts of scared Yankees. It is a known fact that people from the South have fought bravely in all our wars. That is just the kind of people you will meet in the South.

Never will you be able to stamp us out. There has been no slavery in this country in 150 years. So hands off our history.

Fred S. Caudle