YOUR VIEW: Readers weigh in on Ledbetter dam assessment

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On Richmond County Commissioner Ben Moss’ vote against resolutions that would levy special assessments and an application for revenue bonds to repair the Ledbetter Lake dam over issues of fairness:

Keep in mind the county stands to lose more than $1 million a year in taxes with the depreciated land values without water in the lake. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Patrick Collins

It seems like the property owners would want this. It’s basically an investment that will quadruple when it makes their home value increase. I do think their payments should be a little more balanced, though. If it’s to be a private lake, then only those using it should be paying the bill.

Brent Foster

I think the assessment is fair. For the person who will have to pay $31,000…’s not the other landowners’ fault that they own less. If you want an equal payment, then each lot would need to be equal in size, location, view, etc. — that is the no-brainier. If you own property there and you don’t use the lake….AND you have a problem paying the fee, then you should sell.

Chris Singletary

No one wants to see anyone forced into selling their land. Some of the landowners have had this land in their families for hundreds of years. What about the tax value of some of the lots? Some lots are valued more than others. The problem of restoring the dam and getting water back is not as simple as some are implying. A petition was signed with a majority of landowners requesting an assessment. But on the other hand, the people not wanting this assessment own a majority of the shoreline.

Ben Thomas Moss Jr.

That land is all private and the taxpayers of this county who have no access to it cannot be taxed . The landowners are responsible for it as they wanted and the ones who do not desire to pay their share should have to pay to have their property closed off from the lake. Pay or don’t play.

Joe DeBerry