LETTER: Social issues divide, distract Americans

To the editor:

I’d like to start by commending Robert Lee for his article “Work ethic can save America” (Editorial page, July 4). I, too, agree with your point of view. Freeloading is running our country in the ground. That and a few more issues not brought up by the mainstream media every day.

That’s just not as important as a man becoming a woman. That’s just what everyone wants to see while they are eating watching the news. Sadly, true Americans are few and far between nowadays. Not many people look past the next check or take pride in helping their neighbors or fellow countrymen. We are a nation divided and the powers at be will do anything they can to keep it that way.

They do not want us to come together as a country and realize these things. This cannot happen because then we will not be as easy to control and manipulate. And at that point it will not be as easy throw a gunman and a tragic story on TV and harp on it for days and days, tell us that we need to worry about a flag or gun control. Tell Americans that cops are the enemy, that they are killing blacks and if you disagree any from the status quo, you’re a racist.

Throw Al Sharpton on to stoke the fires of hate a little more. That’s what we need to worry bout! Black vs. White vs. Brown. Worry about the other man and what they have that you don’t. Or what they said we should persecute them for. If you’re Christian, you need to worry about gay marriage! But say nothing at all about the divorce rate. It’s ridiculous and endless.

Because you need to worry about these things, not the next important bill going through Congress or what it might mean for the future of America. ‘Cause the government has got that covered. Then again, the information is out there, it’s just that not many people seem to care. Just make sure my checks are in the mail box on the first and the 15th, and let me keep my iPhone and Facebook going. That’s what America cares about nowadays.

We are long removed from the Greatest Generation. And I dare say we might be in the age of the Sorriest Generation. I would love to see this country turn around and while it is still the greatest in the world and I would not want to live in any other country at any point in history, I am afraid that too many generations of lazy and not giving a damn have been bred in now, and there is no going back.

So Mr. Lee and fellow Americans who take the time to care about this country, I’ll leave you with the words that a wise friend of mine once said. Prepare! Because there is a big crap sandwich coming, and we are all gonna have to take a bite.

William A. Grooms