LETTER: Don’t take away our rebel flag

William R. Toler | Daily Journal Benjamin “Banjo” Davis holds up a Confederate flag bearing a Hank Williams Jr. logo Monday morning on Harrington Square. Davis, of Rockingham, writes that the flag is an integral part of Southern culture.

To the editor:

Hey, my name is Banjo Davis, and this flag thing must stop. That young man had problems, but don’t kick the rebel flag. Country singers like Hank Jr. and all the great ones would say: What the hell?

The governor and former mayor of Charlotte is trying to take it off people’s tags on cars. Bring it on — that’s what the South says.

“Look, the rebel flag is for them wars but not us.” My four best friends, one dead, three of us to go — Bob, Robbie and Dave — and we love the flag. Don’t take it down, we’re just Southern country boys and always will be.

Taking the flag away from NASCAR racing? What the hell, man? Leave us boys alone like Hank said.

P.S. — Dale Jr. should put the rebel flag on his car next race and get the race fans like me and my boys going.

Benjamin “Banjo” Davis