LETTER: Charleston sets stage for leftist gun grab

To the editor:

They want to take the people over. The Democrats are always looking for some spontaneous event to grab power and have the American people do their bidding. Some Americans don’t mind that one bit because they think they will never have to work if they can be given for free what others have worked for all their lives.

The Democrats also want to take up all firearms of the free people. They know if they can disarm us, the government can stand over us with machine guns just like in Russia. They want the American people held hostage by their own government.

We can do a lot about this with our vote in the elections. When we see the treatment of the older people in America, it is so shameful. The Democrats want the young cake-for-nothing people to have all the money in our treasury, along with all the free food they can stuff. The Democrats also want to give them free health insurance by taking away worked-for benefits from the elderly.

We had better start voting for the Republicans if we older folks want to stay alive. There are so many bums now who want to live off the government that everything will be taken away from the elderly.

But mostly, the Democrats just want to take over all the American people. They have always wanted that political power. They have to be stopped.

Fred S. Caudle