LETTER: Traffic laws needed for mo-peds, scooters

To the editor:

The individual who wrote about making a rule telling slower drivers to keep to the right except to pass should take a closer look at the law. In North Carolina, as long as you are driving the speed limit, you can drive in any lane you want. We ought to be thankful we have it that way, as for some states, the law reads drivers must stay in the right lane except to pass.

Can you imagine the congestion at the exit and entrance ramps if it is not bad enough now? I think the thing that needs to change is to require these DWI rejects and their little scooters to go 40 mph or faster. In many states I have traveled, there is a minimum speed limit of 40 mph.

They travel down the road taking up a lane of traffic slowing down traffic to their speed, which is less than 35 mph. They get mad because you honk at them to move to the right to allow you to pass. If it is motorized, then you must have a license to operate it. In North Carolina, you can operate one of these motorized vehicles as long as you are able to keep it balanced.

Seems strange you don’t see bicycles on all the roads in North Carolina, but you see these motorized scooters on all the roads with a legal right because there is no requirement except to keep them upright to operate them. This is where the law needs to be changed.

Daniel Conner