LETTER: Trump’s candidacy is no laughing matter

To the editor:

Now, I saw on TV yesterday how some of the liberals in our country called Donald Trump a clown. Well, I would like to say this: We all have seen a clown grinning ear-to-ear for the last seven years. All the while, our country has gone straight down to the pits.

Obama has taxed and regulated all our jobs out of America. From what I have heard, African-Americans have caught the worst of his foolishness. But somehow, they love this whooping he has put on them. Somehow, they think he can still save them. They may even think Hillary Clinton can do the same.

It has been proven even by Russia that the government cannot create capitalism — only free enterprise can do that. Obama and all his liberal pals have stopped all growth in America for the last seven years. Now even Hillary wants to keep pushing Obama’s failed policies.

She is standing there and telling the same lies we have heard from Obama all this time. It will take at least 20 years to undo the damage that this one fool has done to America. Now we all know that Hillary is an even bigger fool. She has to have all this dirty money.

The Donald will use only the money he himself has worked for. Will we ever hear a better success story in our lifetime? I think not.

If Americans today will listen to the truth instead of all the lies Obama and Hillary have told, America can come back.

Fred S. Caudle