LETTER: Animal-car deaths aren’t nature’s fault

To the editor:

I would like for the people to pretend they are animals who can’t talk — no texting or phones. This means your rights as a human are gone.

Remember, you are trying to cross U.S. 74 Business with babies behind you or any road that has cars flying past. Who could not care less if they hit you or not? Some people care.

Better yet, a little turtle trying to cross the road when the driver could dodge it and doesn’t — or deer, bears or any animal whose habitat has been taken over by people. They are crossing in search of new places to live and food and water.

What if you are a pet that your owner doesn’t want anymore? You get taken to the country and dropped off. You would be running after your owner, abandoned and left to die or hoping that someone will take you in. Finally you’re taken to the pound, where maybe you will get put down, maybe not. Hopefully you get a home — a loving home.

I want to understand what I am trying to achieve for any animal. They were here before us and need to stay.

Lisa England