TAR HEEL VIEW: Staying quiet would behoove the president

The national media have been clear in their distaste for President Donald Trump, but last week were appreciative that he had — allegedly, apparently — given them the green light to publish a hybrid of one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

You know the one, and though we could probably get away today with publishing it, we will show a restraint that our president just can’t manage. Lots of newspapers did publish it, however, under the guise of how else could they communicate just how deplorable the president is without providing the unfiltered evidence, as raw and revolting as it may be.

As the president and his team deny he used that word to describe some Third World countries, another controversy presented itself involving an interview the president granted the Wall Street Journal, not exactly a far-left publication. That newspaper reported that Trump said he and Kim Jong-un have a “very good relationship.”

Trump maintains he included the conditional “I’d,” indicating that if only the North Korean president and he played a round of golf or two, they would be Facebook friends. You know, because Trump is so likeable.

Mr. President, before you tee it up with Kim Jong-un, you need to know the first time he played golf he shot a 34-under-par 38 that included five holes-in-one. Doubt that? Google it.

The audiotape of the interview with the Wall Street Journal doesn’t really provide clear evidence, so Americans are left to do what they have done well since Jan. 20, 2009, and that is to believe whatever fits their political agenda, the facts be damned.

But here is today’s point: It really doesn’t even matter what Trump says or doesn’t say, because he has crossed so many red lines, no one doubts that he used profanity to describe Third World nations or that he meant Kim Jong-u and he are buddies. Trump has sullied the Oval Office repeatedly, 140 characters at a time, so he doesn’t get the benefit of doubt. There is little that could be attributed to him that the public would not believe.

Trump continually complains about the media, characterizing the news they present as “fake,” and arguing that they ignore all of his administration’s accomplishments, including: an economy that is red hot; a stock market that is fattening people’s wallets; widespread tax cuts; the neutering of ISIS; the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare; the roll back of rules and regulations that are costly and debilitating; the recognition of Jerusalem; and the appointment of a conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

Now it could be that the national media is never going to give Trump a fair shake and report on what he believes are accomplishments. We are unlikely to find that out with certainty, however, until Trump stops making stupid comments, giving the media something else to talk about.

So, it appears we will never know.

The Bladen Journal